Paul McCartney

Album Notes

Released to widespread critical acclaim in 2005, Chaos and Creation In The Backyard saw McCartney hand over production reigns to an 'outsider', R.E.M and Radiohead collaborator, Nigel Godrich. The sessions were protracted and sometimes combatative, with Godrich dismissing any songs he didn't like, but the resulting album is all the better for that and earned him three Grammy nominations including Album of the Year. Featuring a black and white cover image taken by his brother Mike of a young Paul absentmindedly strumming a guitar in his back garden and with songs inspired by George Harrison ('Friend To Go'), it's a deeply personal collection of songs enhanced by Godrich's fairly stark production. It also features the song, 'How Kind Of You', which was triggered by Paul's love of language. "I suddenly started to notice that posh British people not only have a different accent, they have a different vocabulary. There's a gentility to it," Paul recounts. "So it's all written from the point of view of a rather genteel language and me examining this way of putting the same thoughts."

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