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Album Notes

Off The Ground also featured collaborations with Elvis Costello on the tracks Mistress and Maid and The Lovers That Never Were. In fact, all the lyrics were given a thorough test, as Paul recalled at the time. "When I came to do this album one of the things I thought was that it might be good to be a little less casual and make sure I'd done my homework, make sure I liked all of the words in the songs. So I got a friend of mine, a poet called Adrian Mitchell, to look through the lyrics as if he was an English teacher. I went through it all with him and I can now say that they're poet-proof." Off The Ground - The Complete Works features the extra tracks:Long Leather Coat, Keep Coming Back to Love, Sweet Sweet Memories, Things We Said Today, Midnight Special, Style Style, I Can't Imagine, Cosmically Conscious, Kicked Around No More, Big Boys Bickering, Down to the River, Soggy Noodle. 

Performed by:
Paul McCartney - Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic & Spanish Guitars, Piano, Drums, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Celeste, Sitar, Ocarina, Congas, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Hamish Stuart - Second Vocals, Electric, Acoustic, Bass & 12 String Guitars, Piano, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Linda McCartney - Second Vocals, Auto Harp, Celeste, Moog, Harmonium, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Train Whistle.
Robbie McIntosh - Electric, Acoustic, Spanish & Slide Guitars, Mandolin, Backing Vocals.
Wix Wickens - Piano, Clavinet, Hammond Organ, Accordian, Drum Programming, Synthesiser, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Blair Cunningham - Drums, Congas, Backing Vocals.
Gordon Hunt - Oboe on CD1 Track 8
Susan Milan - Flute on CD1 Track 8
Davide Giovannini, Maurizio Ravalico, David Pattman - Percussion on CD1 Track 3
The Midnight Horns - Horn Section on CD1 Track 10

All songs composed by Paul McCartney except:
CD1 Tracks 4 & 9 composed by McCartney / MacManus
CD2 Track 1 composed by Paul & Linda McCartney
CD2 Track 2 composed by McCartney / Stuart
CD2 Track 4 composed by Lennon / McCartney
CD1 Tracks 4 & 8 arranged by Paul McCartney & Carl Davis; conducted by Carl Davis
CD1 Track 12 arranged by Paul McCartney & George Martin; conducted by George Martin
Produced by Paul McCartney and Julian Mendelsohn except CD2 tracks 4 & 5 produced by Paul McCartney.
Engineered by Bob Kraushaar except CD2 tracks 4 & 5 by Geoff Emerick, CD2 track 12 by Eddie Klein.
All tracks published by MPL Communications Ltd except:
CD1 tracks 4 & 9 published by MPL Communications Ltd / Plangent Visions Music Ltd
CD2 Track 2 published by MPL Communications Ltd / Fairwood Music Ltd
CD2 Track 4 published by Northern Songs

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