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Released in 1970, a month before The Beatles' Let It Be, McCartney was Paul's first solo album and would go on to top the US charts for three weeks. Notable for the fact that McCartney performed all instruments and vocals himself, aside from some backing vocals performed by Linda, it's an album rich in improvisation and experimentation. "The McCartney album was good fun because I got a machine from EMI, only a four track, and I just had it in my living room where I lived in London at the time," McCartney remembers. "I had my little machine in there. I'd just go in for the day like Monsieur Magritte. Go in and do a little bit of stuff and make something up, and knock off in the evenings. It was very interesting to do and it had a certain kind of rawness, that album, because I was breaking loose after The Beatles, we all got a feeling of that I think. During The Beatles period I'd said to John, 'I think I should do an album called ‘Paul McCartney Goes Too Far''. He said, 'that's a great idea man, you should do it.' Of course, I never really did. It was just, 'well I'll do it one day'." In 2011, the album was remastered and reissued to include a bonus disc of outtakes, demos and live versions, as well as a DVD of documentaries and live performances.

Release Date: 17th April 1970 (UK), 20th April 1970 (USA)
Paul McCartney - All instruments and vocals
Linda McCartney - Harmonies
All tracks composed by Paul McCartney
Produced & arranged by Paul McCartney

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