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As with a lot of debut albums from a new band, Wings' Wild Life (released in 1971) wasn't a real reflection of what was to come, its guiding ethos being Paul's intention to record the entire piece fast. Taking just two weeks to record, Wild Life was about spontaneity, with the opening track, Mumbo, being recorded in one take. "Our first album was recorded in just two weeks," Paul explains. "I'd read that Bob Dylan had just made a quick album, and I really liked the idea, because we tended to take longer and longer to make records. The early albums by the Beatles hadn't taken long and it seemed to me that Dylan was getting to that. I was a great admirer of his – and still am to this day – so I thought, ‘Well, if it's good enough for him, let's do it.' Linda was heavily pregnant with Stella, while we were recording. If she'd have wanted to stop the sessions we would have done, but it just didn't arise. A lot of women work until two weeks before the baby is due and that's what Linda did. Even though it was a rock band, it was still a job." The actual pregnancy was a difficult one and as Paul slept next to his wife he had vivid dreams about angels, "and I thought, ‘That's a nice image, wings. I wonder if there's been a band called Wings?' That's how the name came about, in King's College Hospital, in London, as we recovered from the birth of Stella. So Wings became the name." The album is also notable for showcasing McCartney's fascination with reggae, which would bubble to the surface sporadically through the rest of the decade and was first illuminated here on the cover version of the old Mickey and Sylvia hit Love is Strange.

Performed by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Denny Seiwell
All tracks composed by Paul & Linda McCartney except
Track 3 composed by Smith/Baker. Track 14 composed by Paul McCartney
All tracks produced by Paul McCartney except tracks 11-13 produced by the McCartneys
Track 14 co-produced by Paul McCartney & Chris Thomas
Mixed by Bill Price
Engineers: Tony Clark, Alan Parsons
All tracks published by MPL Communications Ltd except
Track 14 MPL Communications Ltd / ATV Music Ltd

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