Paul McCartney

Album Notes

Featuring 36 tracks and spanning 30 years of rock and roll, Tripping The Live Fantastic – Paul's first official live album as a solo star – has been hailed as 'the ultimate Paul McCartney album. For Paul, however, recording Tripping The Live Fantastic started out as something far simpler; "What we tried to do with this album was to give people a chance to take home with them a souvenir of the show; a better quality bootleg of what we hoped was just a good, fun, party night out." Interspersed with snippets from sound checks recorded around the world, the album was initially released as a double album, before being reissued as an abridged version called Tripping The Live Fantastic: Highlights! For those who weren't there, the album's more than a good hint of what magic those nights were. For those who caught a gig, it's a means of reliving the memories.

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