Paul McCartney

Album Notes

Tripping The Live Fantastic - Highlights is the abridged version of the the 36 track ‘ultimate Paul McCartney album' Tripping The Live Fantastic. This version cuts out the soundcheck recordings leaving only the concert highlights and includes the exclusive track 'All My Trials'. For Paul, recording ‘Tripping The Live Fantastic; started out as something simple; ‘What we tried to do with this album was to give people a chance to take home with them a souvenir of the show; a better quality bootleg of what we hoped was just a good, fun, party night out.' For some, who weren't there, it's more than a good hint of what magic those nights were. For those who caught a gig, it's a means of forever reviving the memory. Artist: Paul McCartney Label: Parlophone/EMI Performed by: Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart, Chris Whitten, Paul 'Wix' Whitten

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