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Tom Priestly & Richard Dunford


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Special Features

Venus And Mars-Rock Show-Jet - Let Me Roll It - Spirits Of Ancient Egypt - Medicine Jar - Maybe I'm Amazed - Live And Let Die - Bluebird - I've Just Seen A Face - Yesterday - You Gave Me The Answer - Magneto And Titanium Man - Go Now - Listen To What The Man Said - Let 'Em In - Time To Hide - Silly Love Songs - Beware My Love - Letting Go - Band on the Run - Hi Hi Hi - Soily

Film Notes

In 1976 Wings undertook an epic world tour which brought their music to a live audience of two million people in ten countries, an experience captured on the Wings Over America triple album. The climax of that tour was the incredible performance at the mammoth King Dome in Seattle, Washington, where a staggering 67,000 fans listened to Paul et al perform a setlist full of classic songs, including Venus & Mars, Band on the Run, Let Me Roll It, Jet, Bluebird, Long And Winding Road, Maybe I'm Amazed and Yesterday. This remarkable concert was brought to life in 1980 with this memorable tour film. Famed for the precision and quality of its sound (the amplification system used was the first of its kind, capable of 15,000 watts, compared with previous systems of only 1,000 watts) and spectacular light show, Rockshow is thought by many to be one of the best live videos of all time.

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